About Us

We help enhance quality of life for children and adolescents by providing wigs at no cost, allowing them to live their best lives instead of worrying about their appearance.

From a young age, our founder, Dr. Ty Sanford, was taught the fundamental belief that giving back is an essential part of living a full, rewarding life. As time went on, Ty began exploring different ways to best put that belief into practice, with her purpose to help others ingrained in her work as an entrepreneur and background in psychiatry.

Through her company, Legacy Lace Wigs LLC, Ty’s passion for helping others feel their best became further realized. After donating one or two wigs each year to children experiencing hair loss, Ty witnessed firsthand how transformative her hair replacement solutions truly are, encouraging her to officially form the non-profit organization, Tresses of Care, in 2017.

From collecting donations of hair to raising funds to support all of the work that goes into creating a custom-tailored cranial prosthesis, the look on a child's face at the end of the personalized installation process makes it all worth it. Seeing children radiate happiness, confidence and a restored sense of self-worth shows just how invaluable the services Tresses of Care provides are.

With the smiles on the children’s faces keeping her determined and motivated to make a difference in their healing journeys, Ty is proud to share Tresses of Care is now able to offer its services to over 25 families each year -- and counting!